Waldorf Education: Nurturing the Foundational Senses

Many parents become anxious when they learn that their school going children are having challenges in socializing, in sitting still in classes, in reading and writing and in creating healthy self-initiated activities. Could there be something that these parents can do when their children were younger to minimise these challenges? If there are, from the Waldorf's perspective, what could these parents have done to support their children from birth to seven?

"Waldorf education views the human being as a wholeness of body, soul and spirit with the potential of becoming a free, responsible, caring and creative individual."
Douglas Sloan, Director of the Masters Program in Waldorf Education at Sunbridge College (1992-2000)


Yeng Yen came across Waldorf Education when she was attending a workshop on 'Creative Discipline' and since then she has been travelling overseas to attend workshops, seminars, courses and conferences to learn about the pedagogy. Yeng Yen has experiences in running playgroup, teaching in kindergarten and in primary programme. Currently, she runs a Saturday kindergarten, a Saturday artistic programme for the 7 to 14 years old children and teaches in a Waldorf Primary Initiative. Yeng Yen holds a Diploma in Rudolf Steiner Education, a certificate in Steiner Early Years Teachers' Course, a Diploma in Early Childhood Education - Teaching and an Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Education - Leadership.


This workshop will be held on Friday, 11 November 2016, from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM, at Trehaus, (442 Orchard Road, #03-01 Claymore Connect, Singapore 238879).

The price is $50 per person and $90 per couple (Singapore Dollars).

If you would like to bring your baby to the workshop, please note that due to space restrictions we can only accommodate children up to 6 months of age. Children older than 6 months may be dropped off at the Trehaus Atelier next door at $15/hour.


To secure your spot, please RSVP on Facebook and purchase your tickets here.

Spaces are limited and we will give priority to those who have purchased their tickets in advance.
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Fri Nov 11, 2016
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM SGT
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